Fitness and Nutrition Programs


Goal oriented fitness programs for all needs

Fitness Bootcamps

The A2K Fitness Bootcamp provides our clients with training 3-4 times a week for the lowest monthly rate in the Tri-State area! These year round total body fitness programs train outdoors from April through October (A2K Outdoor Season), and indoors from November through March (A2K Indoor Season).

We have a “muscle confusion” philosophy in these programs and train using various fitness equipment techniques including HIIT training, Pilates, Core-Strengthening and Stability, Cardiovascular fitness, Resistance Training, Calisthenics, Cross-Fit, TRX training… and many more!

This program is ideal for someone who wants to train often with the guidance and expertise of a personal trainer, at a lower cost. These programs also provide a fun, social atmosphere that allows your fitness journey to be enjoyable! Also, taking the journey with a group of people all aspiring to achieve similar fitness goals means you are not doing it alone, making it more likely for you to stick with your training program and make significant progress in achieving your goals.

Personal Training

One- on-One Training with A2K is an opportunity to address, with laser-like focus, your specific individual goals with the best trainers in the industry! Our A2K certified personal trainers are here to keep you encouraged, accountable, and empowered every step of the way.

Real metrics lead to accurate and projectable results. Our trainers use data from your free session and assessment, your medical history, and information about your lifestyle to build a program that is specific to you and your goals.

At A2K we understand that people come in different shapes and sizes, and therefore so do their fitness goals! This is why our personal trainers provide customized programs tailored to each person’s specific individual’s goals, abilities, and fitness IQ.

In response to the global pandemic, at A2K we carefully updated our personal training programs to be more conducive to distancing protocols, and have worked with personal trainers to approach sessions with safety as the top priority!

Online Training

We are excited to serve our clients, even if that’s from the comfort and safety of their own home!

We have all been affected by the emergence of the COVID global pandemic. It has shown us that neglecting our fitness, health, and wellness can indeed cost us our lives. But at the same time it has made most people even more sedentary through the quarantines and social restrictions, A2K Virtual training gives us the opportunity to eliminate these obstacles and start or continue our fitness journeys and maintain and increase our health!

Our trainers provide a feel-good experience that will provide members who may not be able to visit a physical A2K location with the opportunity to continue their fitness journeys from anywhere by scheduling live personalized virtual training sessions on their own time, wherever they feel most comfortable.

Here at A2K we are committed to making sure people are able to efficiently address their health and fitness needs throughout this ‘new normal’ by providing a way for ALL people to have access to training no matter what the situation is currently.

Trainers will build an experience tailored to member goals, abilities, and available equipment to keep members engaged, encouraged and empowered at every step.

Nutritional Coaching

The A2K Nutritional Program addresses ALL the aspects of nutrition required to affect weight loss, weight gain, health markers, and body composition! In this program we customize your nutrition using science based research to create a perfect “protocol” to address your EXACT fitness goals!

This program is like a “Bootcamp” for Nutrition! The purpose? To make sure you do exactly what is needed for you to reach the body type you desire! While addressing muscle to fat ratio and body composition as well, so that you love the way you look when you reach your desired goal!!

Through clear and concise education, planning, accountability, and awareness you will have the tools needed to finally hit your fitness and wellness goals once and for all! We all know that nutrition is the key to feeling and looking our healthiest. Nutrition is indeed 80% or more of the equation! In this program, it is all de-mystified for you and we scientifically construct and implement customized nutritional protocols for the goal you desire.

Add the A2K Nutritional Program to an effective A2K fitness training regimen for a synergistic effect and your goals come not twice as fast, but much faster than that!

This program is the GAME CHANGER!