Welcome to our A2K Family. Let’s work hard… and play hard!


The A2K “Why”: The reason we do what we do

At A2K we believe in “human potential”. We believe in the idea and concept that any human being can be the absolute best of themselves with a bit of inspiration and influence. That’s where we come in!

There are a myriad of reasons why you choose to start their personal fitness journey. Maybe you got a concerning diagnosis from the doctor… maybe you want to look amazing for an upcoming event… whatever your reason is, it is valid. At A2K we see this as the entry point to you becoming the BEST version of yourselves! Your visible changes may come as health improvements and also being more pleasing to the eye, for sure. But in our experience, the unforeseen growth mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually are the most astounding to see. This results in fitness and nutrition being a gateway to improving your quality of life in all aspects. Which, for us at A2K, is rewarding beyond comprehension. Helping you be your best you.. is an honor. And we thank you for it.

THIS is the A2K “WHY”.


Meet Your Next A2K Trainer or Coach



The Founder and engine behind A2K Fitness and Nutrition. Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist by NASM and ACE. Holds 19 different fitness certifications.

He has been a personal trainer since 2004 and founded A2K in 2007.

Specializes in Customized Nutritional Coaching, Bootcamp Training, Core Stability, Sports Specific Training and Boxing.

“The energy and culture at A2K is to truly “love” our clients. There are few things more fulfilling than to help our clients grow and reach their goals.”

Alissa Noel,
Lead Trainer

Certified Personal Trainer- AAAI/ISMA, Glute Specialist- ISSA, CPR/AED

William Santiago III,
Lead Trainer

Certified NASM Personal Trainer & Nutritional Coach